Our Mission

The mission of the River Raisin National Battlefield Park Foundation is to build enduring, diverse relationships through a world class experience that shares the untold stories of the Battles and their aftermath, inspiring conversation, understanding, and respect.

Who We Are

The River Raisin National Battlefield Park Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit philanthropic educational
organization that operates in partnership with the National Park Service to preserve and develop
the River Raisin National Battlefield Park in southeast Michigan.

River Raisin National Battlefield Park preserves and interprets a remarkable part of America’s Untold Story of the War of 1812. The stories of the River Raisin are unforgettable, and dimensions of the aftermath continue to impact us today. The Battlefield Foundation is dedicated to working with the National Park Service to restore and develop the Battlefield in a way that ensures visitors are educated and challenged to think about the past as it relates to our future, realizing their connection to the events that took place here just over 200 years ago, and invites you to join efforts to preserve its sacred grounds for the benefit of future generations.



  • Advance student achievement by stimulating their creative minds through inquiry centered, hands-on, experimental educational programs created and executive in partnership with educators.
  • Providing field trip and camp scholarships to ensure access to educational experiences for all.
  • Reveal the ongoing consequences of the untold story of the War of 1812 while instilling conflict resolution, cultural understanding, and leadership skills.
  • Create a world class history and science Exploratorium that broadens understanding of the past through the lens of multiple competing perspectives and applies lessons to current issues.
Historic Preservation, Restoration & Reconstruction

  • Reconstruct areas of the historic River Raisin (Frenchtown) settlement and Wyandot village of Yarižuhtuwanęh (Big Rock) commonly known as Brownstown – bringing history alive!
  • Acquire and restore the cultural landscapes relating to the Battles and their Aftermath.
  • Inspire and support historic research and studies that unveil the untold stories of the Battles and their Aftermath.
  • Preserve, restore, and recreate cultural and historical resources that reveal the past through the power of place.
A Living Memorial

  • Inspire people to identify and confront racism, propaganda, dehumanization, and hatred in a way that prevents abuse of power, genocide and forced assimilation.
  • Cultivate a sense of moral responsibility in people that inspires understanding, enhances awareness of social justice issues, and results in agents of positive social and moral change.
  • Remember the Raisin is a way that equips people to face the challenges confronting humanity in the world today including unchecked power, colonization, refugees, and race-based societies.
  • Share the dark truth about the force removal, relocation and assimilation of Native people in the Aftermath of the Battles and the ongoing social injustices through analysis of U.S. Indian Policy past and present.
  • Bringing to life the “Journey Towards Understanding” to research, reveal and teach North American history from the perspective of Native Nations who fought to defend their families, homes, villages, lands and way of life, while assisting the Native Nations with the restoration and preservation of their history and culture.
  • Broaden an appreciation of diversity in youth from all backgrounds by engaging them in the unique traditions and cultures of Native Nations.
  • Motivate citizens to standup for and defend freedom, equality and democracy for all humanity.
Remembering & Honoring

  • Veterans, members of the armed forces, prisoners of war, and those who came before us who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend their families, fellow citizens and nations.
  • Native nations and people who, in the Battle’s aftermath, suffered physical and cultural genocide during their forced removal, relocation, and/or assimilation.
Community Revitalization & Environmental Stewardship

  • Improve the quality of life in Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio through neighborhood revitalization, historic preservations, enhanced access to recreation, new cultural events, interactive education, and improved community connections.
  • Transform previously contaminated lands into one of “America’s Crown Jewels” by restoring the lifeblood of Southeast Michigan – its rivers and lakes, and creating the next generation of environmental stewards!
  • Present significant special events that enhances understanding and provide experiences that celebrate the many cultures of the Great Lakes.
  • Create a world class experience that brings history and science alive resulting in an environment that you want to live, work, play, stay and visit.

Our Leadership

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is focused on developing our Battlefield Park into an immersive cultural and historical destination. Their leadership and vision guides the Foundation’s efforts to support the Battlefield, but also to create an educational experience that will impart the vast complexities of the Untold Story of the War of 1812, all while connecting the past to our shared future.

Current Board of Directors
Advisory Council

A consortium of government officials lend their collective support to help in the development of the Park throughout Southeast Michigan.